Who are the Glisser Education Brand Team?

Glisser Brand Managers are a part of one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial student brand ambassador programs in the world.

 They are passionate about improving the student experience around the world, and showcase it by developing innovative programs and events to encourage change.

 Their goals are to reach new students, faculty and staff, to manage the Glisser brand on a collegiate level, and to drive sales for monetary rewards and prizes.

Campus Mission
Glisser Brand Managers spread the word, empowering and engaging students to try out and support a product designed to make their lectures better. They identify opportunities to get the product used in creative ways, to conduct campus research, and build relationships with influential students, key university bodies and forward-thinking lecturers.
Product and Brand Support
Glisser Brand Managers ensure a positive and credible Glisser brand image is infused within the student community by continually activating creative, innovative, and daring marketing and social media initiatives. They deliver a dynamic mix of projects, activities and events, as well as developing new usage situations for Glisser by demonstrating the efficacy of the product.
Sales Support
Glisser Brand Managers develop and execute targeted marketing plans to reach and connect with other potential Glisser ambassadors and users. They collaborate with other local campus activities to maximize user growth and sales within the EDU ecosystem.

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