Business-to-business organizations spend, on average, 24% of their marketing budgets on live events, conferences and webinars.

However, Heads of Marketing and CMOs consistently highlight event ROI as one of the missing metrics from an increasingly data-driven approach to building and nurturing sales leads, as well as a powerful, valuable brand.

In this document, we provide a template for a simple, alternative way to consider return on investment from your event spend. We explain how to use the template, how to complete it and how to interpret it. We also recognise that no model is fool proof, so discuss some of the potential limitations and highlight some other factors to consider in assessing the impact of your live events and webinars.

The document was written by our founder and former CMO Mike Piddock, based upon twelve years of wrestling with this exact challenge himself.

This is the 1st in a series of metrics he developed to measure event ROI, driving the budget allocation decisions for marketing spend across various organizations.

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“Glisser is incredibly simple to use. I think the stat that rang most true was that one in five people at the summit asked a question. That wouldn’t happen at a normal event without Glisser.

Using this evidence that we’ve captured with Glisser this project might run again, for another two, three, five years.”

Chris, Marketing & Communications Manager, The Design Council