Glisser's audience engagement and analytics software is the most effective in the world.

Supercharge your sessions. Increase audience participation and measure engagement.

Glisser provides a unique combination of features and benefits:

  • Beautiful, branded live polling as standard
  • Interactive Q&A and Twitter feeds - both can be moderated
  • Live slide-sharing increases participation rates
  • Increase attendee feedback with picture polling
  • GDPR-ready data capture
  • A wealth of analytics and infographics options
  • Add a video feed to create a Glisser Live virtual event
  • Secure data storage in our EU-based Azure Cloud
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“Glisser is incredibly simple to use. I think the stat that rang most true was that one in five people at the summit asked a question. That wouldn’t happen at a normal event without Glisser.

Using this evidence that we’ve captured with Glisser this project might run again, for another two, three, five years.”

Chris, Marketing & Communications Manager
The Design Council