The General Data Protection Regulation is designed to simplify the current hotch-potch of European directives around data protection and give citizens back control of their personal data.

But what does it mean to Marketing & Event Profs?

Well, in a lot of cases it'll be your marketing technology or SaaS suppliers that will need to make sure they're compliant, and have the necessary measures in place internally to securely manage the data they store and process for you.

That said, for anyone storing data captured from employees and clients at events, we've compiled our recommendations in this simple checklist.

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“Glisser is incredibly simple to use. I think the stat that rang most true was that one in five people at the summit asked a question. That wouldn’t happen at a normal event without Glisser.

Using this evidence that we’ve captured with Glisser this project might run again, for another two, three, five years.”

Chris, Marketing & Communications Manager, The Design Council