Hybrid events can be described as accurately as… 

“A conference, seminar, workshop or meeting that combines a “Live” in-person event with a “virtual” online experience”

You are going to need your seatbelt firmly secured for this drive through a Hybrid Event Strategy Crash Course.

Join Steph Pfeilsticker with Hybrid Events Authority, as she guides you through what you need to know to plan a hybrid event. Based on her comprehensive 5-week hybrid event planning series, she is packing the best of the best to deliver you the content you need to know to be successful. Technology will be covered as well as what roles you need on your hybrid team.

Steph will share best practices on marketing your event, ensuring attendee engagement and how to maximize your content post-event. Event streaming is fast becoming a must-have element of your meetings. Let Steph give you the time-tested tools to succeed with hybrid events.

  • Understand how implementing a hybrid event would benefit your organization.
  • Realize how other organizations succeeded by implementing hybrid meetings.
  • Learn the process involved to plan a hybrid event.


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Nick Borelli - Event Tech Influencer